• EXPANSION VLG world is the project and business support arm of VLG world, with activities focused on excellence in project evaluation, support for businesses and associations and fundraising.
  • GOVERN VLG world is a research laboratory that creates the essence, the essential seeds that will build your projects and those of ECOSYSTEM VLG world.
    • LABEL VLG world is a set of community labels that shape ecosystems and universes for communities or projects.
    • DYNAMIC VLG world is a creative studio and publisher of technology engines, software and digital universes.
  • SUNSHINE VLG world is the branch that supports events organised by VLG world or its clients, whether online or in person, classic or disruptive.
  • PRESS AGENCY VLG world is a press agency dedicated to the projects of ECOSYSTEM VLG world, the members of CONSORTIUM VLG world and its beneficiaries.