VLG world is an ecosystem of services with EXPANSION our studio incubator for start-ups and companies, GOVERN our research laboratory, SUNSHINE our events agency and PRESS AGENCY our in-house press agency.

If you have a project to build or a business problem to solve, whether in a traditional or disruptive way, VLG world and its various services are here to help you achieve excellence in accordance with our human, ethical and caring values.

VLG world is also an association that brings together a professional and academic ecosystem working for the good of humanity with its umbrella organisation ECOSYSTEM VLG world and its cutting-edge humanitarian and technological projects.


EXPANSION VLG world focuses on ethical and caring projects and their ecosystems.

It refers quality companies, organisations, communities or projects that can participate in the ecosystem of which it is a part: ECOSYSTEM VLG world.

It can incubate them or advise them, depending on the situation, on the following subjects

  • Business plan
  • Recruitment and HR audit
  • Technology assessment
  • UX design
  • Fundraising, grants and donations.
  • Structuring projects or their structure or territory
  • Help with the development of projects, products or services
  • Solutions to various problems

We can offer you a range of services tailored to your specific situation.


GOVERN VLG world is a university research laboratory working

  • on experimental and applied programs and projects for communities, cities, territories, companies, …
  • in the fields of resilience, education, urban planning, economic development, agriculture, health, etc.
  • digital, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, virtual realities…
  • in crisis contexts such as wars, famine, economic, health, ecological crises…
  • in all innovative sectors from computer technologies to food supplements…
  • with ethical and sustainable governance tools
  • and those of collective intelligence

We advise our clients, students, members and beneficiaries in Switzerland and around the world to lead them towards prosperity, peace, empowerment and self-determination.


SUNSHINE VLG world creates or organises events for its customers, members and beneficiaries

  • face-to-face
  • videoconferences
  • in the metaverse

Its favourite subjects

  • Professional events
  • Artistic events (art, music, dance, etc.)
  • Digital trade fairs

You can put yourself forward to take part in our events, or we can organise events for you.


PRESS AGENCY VLG world is an in-house press agency dedicated to providing news about projects in our ECOSYSTEM VLG world ecosystem and to members and beneficiaries of the VLG world Consortium, including our customers.

The information is relayed on our website www.pressagency.vlg.world, as well as on our social networks and on request and according to mandates in the international or local written press.

The website has been created to give a voice and visibility to our projects and, above all, to the communities that benefit from them.

We are always at your disposal to evaluate the interest of relaying your information on our media.