Community Labels are a local governance tool developed by GOVERN VLG world to enable citizens to regain their individual decision-making powers by joining forces to give their actions greater leverage.

The most obvious example is the PLASTIC-FREE LABEL, where a community can decide, for example, to stop using plastic bottles in their daily lives. It’s not a political act, nor a revolutionary one, it’s just a civic act to give our children a positive future.


The Labels project was born out of work on empowering very poor communities faced with situations of extreme violence, such as the evacuation of the town of Goma on foot following the last volcanic eruption.

These communities had been abandoned to their fate without any help, and they remembered the instructions to evacuate the town 20 years earlier. They evacuated themselves.

If there is a benevolent vision with clear instructions given to communities and individuals, then they can find solutions together. A neighbourhood, a city, a region… no need for structures, no need for political posturing, just citizens.